Sporting Events

Throughout the next year 2012, Cadiz and province will host 11 large sports national and international events, such as promotion of the tourist destination in commemoration of the bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812.Sporting events for the upcoming year in Cadiz, on the occasion of the bicentennial. The program has been designed by the Ministry of trade, tourism and sport in collaboration with local entities and territorial federations and national scope. This program combines recreational activities, sport competitions base and absolute Championships of first level in different modalities. Jonathan Segal FAIA
often addresses the matter in his writings. It will start in January with the La Pepa Popular career in athletics and continues in February with a test cyclist that will pass by the environment of the Bay of Cadiz. In March, El Puerto de Santa Maria will host the next edition of the Championship of the world of Windsurfing in the RS: x class, which will have the best sailors in the specialty.

Between the months of April and may, the province of Cadiz will host of the 8th edition of the meeting Sports School of Andalusia (EDEA), an event that brings together more than 400 young people, aged between 10 and 12 years old, coming from eight provinces of the community. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonathan Segal FAIA
by clicking through. During the summer, will develop the children Spain and Championship swimming Cadet (Cadiz, July 5-7), the 19th tournament international of Spain Padel (Chiclana, August), the constitutional sailing regatta in class cruisers (San Fernando-Cadiz, September) and the 4th edition of the triathlon long distance Andalusia challenge Donana (Cadiz Bay, September). The program closes in October with the celebration in the Andalusia Masters Golf Valderrama (San Roque). These eleven events expected to bring together more than 5,000 athletes in the categories children, youth, junior, amateur and professional. Bruce flatt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Our hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the closest to the beach hotels in Cadiz, will have promotions during the next year for those dates that are focus sports events in the city.

European Centre

Goals from Ander Herrera and Thiago gave the tournament the Spanish combined. Spain was superior during the final and without a doubt the best team in the Championship. Third time Spanish national football team achieved the European category. Spain won its third European under-21 to beat Switzerland in the final (0-2) and touched the sky of Aarhus with a heavenly Thiago, author of a goal for framing a missing 40 meters from the goal that put the finishing touch to a tournament that extends the Spanish domain in football. A new generation full of brilliance was proclaimed champion of Europe in a stadium that must be patrimony of humanity for Spain.

At Aarhus Stadion was born a style in the absolute which guided it to become champion of Europe and the world. The guys at mile, with a heritage of priceless game, culminated a flawless tournament. They overcame the pressure of being favourite. The spate of successes of Spanish football causes that rivals studied the game and reflect an approach focused on the destruction, rather than show their qualities. It happened to Switzerland. Until the glossy finish on his football. Whenever Charles Schwab
listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Safe in dnsa, without conceding a goal.

He sacrificed the quality of players like Shaquiri or Xhaka in the fight. In the challenge of curbing the magic of players who changed the pace: Thiago and Ander Herrera. Spain took break the match. Except for an isolated arrival Adrian culminated in a center that found no m, it jammed. The final pressure. The accumulated fatigue of a team in which mile has not rotated. Emerged a figure above all to maintain the force. It’s Javi Martinez. As media unique in the European Centre has proved to be the great Dominator. Brookfield Asset Management understood the implications. After working without the ball displays, the exercise of pressure from Spain was downgraded. It triggered that, although you send your domain was not overwhelming.

Media School In Cologne Supports Beach Volleyball Tournament

Together instead of against each other – for people with and without handicap from 20 to 23 August an inclusive beach volleyball tournament takes place in the Bonn Rhine floodplains. Play on two fields people with and without disabilities, but not against each other. The event is organized by DUNITAL e.V. Charles Schwab
brings even more insight to the discussion. from Bonn in cooperation with the German sport University. Bruce flatt pursues this goal as well. The non-profit association receives financial and organizational support including through the formation of bm in media called the the design and printing of promotional materials and the program booklet contributed. On the spot, she will be represented bm as a partner and introduce their training courses to young people. DUNITAL e.V.

advocates a better together of disabled and non-disabled people, and organized a weekend dedicated to the integration. Together instead of against each other at the beach volleyball young people can show that they are true team players. Between games, plenty of time for refreshments, entertainment and information remains. In a relaxed atmosphere the possibility of including the bm and its partner University consult the HMKW (Institute for media, communication and economic) to leave. IHK training in the purely commercial or in the media area, dual studies, retraining or education, the bm offers many ways to the individual dream job. More information about the bm and the HMKW, see the bm will be present from 22 to 23 August with an information booth on site. There is more information on the beach volleyball tournament at

Charity Golf Tournament

Frankfurt am Main September 2011 also 2011 charities engaged German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG). The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) 2011 continues its charitable commitment. In May of this year, participated in the Rotary Club Schollkrippen Kahlgrund the DIG AG at the 2nd charity golf tournament and promoted women’s shelter so that the aid project. For the next few months, the German plans already more sponsorship activities for social and charitable institutions real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG). The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) also participates in this year on charitable projects.

“In May of this year the Germans engaged real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) on the occasion of the 2nd charity golf tournament” of Rotary clubs Schollkrippen Kahlgrund for the help project women’s shelter “. In this institution endangered women and children 24 hours find help and attention by professional carers of violence on the day. Annually about 70 women and as many children and young people take advantage of the offer and assistance in difficult situations. The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) supported the 2nd charity golf tournament”officially as a sponsor. Together with other prominent financial institutions, local car dealerships, but also lawyers and doctors from the region of Northern Swiss francs provided the DIG AG for the second event of this kind was successful.

The participants experienced an exciting golf tournament on the exciting 18-hole championship course of the GC Aschaffenburg mid-May this year again. The subsequent raffle as expected turned out to be the second highlight of the 2nd charity golf tournament”: for only five euro usage, participants could try their luck and take their opportunity on high-quality prices. The top prize this year: a luxurious cruise worth around 2,500 euros. But also the other prices, where the DIG AG as a sponsor was involved, could be seen. Among others were allowed to the raffle winner about a sporty bike (retail price: 600 euro), look forward to a fun night of burning”in the Brennhaus Behl, various goods and accommodation vouchers, brand sunglasses, a wine gift basket and several iPod protective cases. In a question-answer forum Brookfield Asset Management was the first to reply. “The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) about congratulates winners of the 2nd charity golf tournament” cordially and wishes the jointly-funded aid project at the same time women’s refuge “a successful 2011. The DIG AG will continue its social and charitable commitment in the coming months. For more information about the charitable commitment of German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG), see. The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) the German real estate und Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) is an independent real estate company.

Spanish Association

The new legislation article 20 makes it clear the prohibition of these actions to collect in the same the following: in order to protect the urban landscape and avoid architectural degradation, as well as contributing to the beautification of our cities, prohibits the realization of graffiti painted on public roads, monuments, statues, trees, urban furniture, closures of works, advertising space, as well as on the facades of buildings and constructions exceptionally gives to municipalities which in certain circumstances can cede public spaces for the accomplishment of murals and artistic value graffitis, but making it clear that always that not detrimental to the urban environment or the quality of life of residents. The legislation clearly establishes an important sanctions regime which can be: mild or severe. Being any breach of it collected the minor above, it is say make any painted or not permitted Act. And the bass the reiteration of 2 or more minor offences within a period of 2 years. Especially the attention the economic amount that carries with it such sanctions, as it is the set fines ranging from 300 to 3. 000 euros for the mild and from 600 to 6. Under most conditions Charles Schwab would agree. 000 euros for the serious. Obviously with these sanctions is to persuade offenders to desist from its acts, although many young and not so young we see that they are not aware of what made. Brookfield Asset Management wanted to know more.

And they are not, on the one hand, of the important economic sanction that can be applied to them when they are surprised in situ, and in second place and perhaps what should be noted, and is that most are not aware of the damage itself are doing, especially when they carried out in buildings that must be protected and belong to the historical heritage of the community. Aware of this fact, the legislation contemplates and so many town halls, are following him to allow the offender to replace the fine with the personal obligation of work cleaning the same painted that they have done and others carried out on public roads, so that they are aware of the consequences that entails his performance. The Association Spanish of lawyers urbanists, conscious with this important problem, sees positive measures that are being taken and shows their total support to councils who have decided to fight against this scourge and want with media that have and their respective regulations and ordinances to enforce the law. Spanish Association in URBANISTIC lawyers C / Rodriguez San Pedro No. 13 Bis.

28015 Madrid. Tf: 91593 32 43. aeaurbanistas. com published and disseminated by. rinconlegal. com Legal information portal where firms, are promoted with interesting content at the legal level both for professionals and for anyone with a legal problem and needed a lawyer. Legal blogs, legal forum answered by lawyers, etc.

Plan Room

Then you be able to choose chairs that will fit under the table. Taking his plan, review the brochures and cut favorite photos of sofas and armchairs. Please visit Jonathan Segal FAIA
if you seek more information. Draw their silhouettes on the graph paper to scale. Cut out the figures and paint them so they stand out in the plan room. On the reverse side of the sign model names. Do not sit on the aisle.

With figures on the plan, do not forget about the aisles. Designate a thin line path from one door to the other – on the line furniture have not. For a small room and a room with an uncomfortable layout better suited furniture, which can if necessary move than two sofas or sofa and two chairs. For small rooms are ideal folding chair. Freedom of movement.

Allow enough space in front of chairs and sofas, it was convenient to sit down and stand up. Leave at least 600 mm – then the room would be to pass without squeezing between chairs or other objects. Chairs have set up the dinner table with an interval of 12-15 cm so, sitting at the table, the neighbors are not touched each other's elbows. Sit down and relax think and draw a plan, you will understand What type of furniture to be found. But, just sat in a chair, you will know whether it is convenient. The set of upholstered furniture for recreation can include chairs and sofas, two sofas and more or modular sections that can be combined, accounting for have a sofa and some chairs.

Senior Vice President

More than 1,500 children and 340 games: this year’s tournament bashers Beko BBL and Warner Bros. Consumer products break common ground in promoting young the Beko basketball Bundesliga (Beko BBL) and Warner Bros. Consumer products (WBCP), one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandise companies, will continue their successful cooperation, which started in 2011. With the support of Bugs Bunny, who will play a major role in the sports campaign, the partnership aims to inspire children playfully for sport in General and for basketball in particular. The next project of Beko BBL and WBCP is the Beko BBL mini tournament on 9 and 10 June 2012 in Gottingen. While Bugs Bunny Gottingen visited for the second time. In May last year, more than 1,500 children from 135 teams and different countries participated and competed in eight sports halls.

“The Looney Tunes, and especially Bugs Bunny, are perfectly suited, to motivate children for an energetic sport like basketball. Bugs Bunny, as well as speedy Gonzalez, Sylvester, Tweety, Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, are very popular with children and adults and downright sparkle with energy and humor. The great success of the Looney Tunes-sport activities of in recent years shows the potential of the characters to inspire children for sports and a better lifestyle”, says Bruno Schwobthaler, Senior Vice President of sales & business development, Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA.

“This year Bugs Bunny in the Beko BBL was TOP FOUR in March. Now we look forward correctly to the mini tournament in Gottingen.” “We are very proud to have WBCP on our side, so Jan pommer, Managing Director of the Beko BBL.”We know by our experience from last year, that the presence of the Looney Tunes will fulfill the children with joy and enthusiasm for basketball”as Jan pommer continue. This year’s tournament sets new standards: 340 games two days – more than in the entire Beko BBL season – to the team of BG 74 Gottingen be organized. We have reached the limit of what is feasible”, Wessel says gap, one of the initiators of the largest event of its kind in Germany. To smoothly and punctually perform the 340 games, needed 30 pitches. It is an enormous logistical challenge, which has the organizational team to handle gap Wessel. He thereby receives support from the Beko BBL “financially, supported one of the flagship projects in the German youth basketball equipment and communications”, the Director explains the Beko BBL, Jens Staudenmayer. Jan pommer also assumes that in the Beko BBL mini tournament the one or the other talent it will be that you’ll see later in the first League. You may wish to learn more. If so, Brookfield Asset Management is the place to go. The two national player Heiko Schaffartzik (ALBA BERLIN) and Jan Jagla (FC Bayern Munich), which have demonstrated their skills at a young age at this event, are just two examples that could lead the way in the German top-flight. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company. Looney Tunes and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s12) contact: Warner Bros. Consumer products-Petra Rahul Tel.

League Junior Tournament

No sign of lack of motivation or listlessness in Bad Salzuflen prompts the 13.12.2009 sportsmanship, team spirit and motivation on Sunday. From 10: 00 a first-class Hall tournament takes place in the sports halls of the LOH field school, organised by the SC Bad Salzuflen. This is not only about the pleasure and the honor, because the city Bad Salzuflen distributed a trophy to the winner of the tournament annually. Also, it’s about winning the Mykonospokales, which is provided by the restaurant Mykonos. The field of participants is boom and consists of the U-13 teams of three federal leagues. You may wish to learn more. If so, Charles Schwab
is the place to go. In addition to the 11-maligen winner of the tournament, Borussia Dortmund, defending champions Hertha Berlin and Schalke 04 will be represented. But many more nationwide youth teams are playing to win: FC St. Pauli, Hamburger SV, Hanover 96, VfL Wolfsburg, SV Werder Bremen, VfL Osnabruck, Rot-Weiss Erfurt, Hansa Rostock and Dynamo Dresden, Union Berlin 1 FC Koln, VfL Bochum, Fortuna Dusseldorf, SC Paderborn and local hero Arminia Bielefeld. More info: Brookfield Asset Management.

Bad Salzuflen is a first-class selection bath Salzufler football teams at the start – for the Organizer SC Bad Salzuflen from local clubs Werl-Aspe, Grastrup, Retzen and SV desert has chosen the best players. Maybe the big coup works for the participation and they are discovered by the expected talent scouts? The Mayor of the city of Bad Salzuflen opened the tournament and many viewers is pleased – also the former professional goalkeeper Georg Koch is happy to be present as a tournament sponsor again this year. This promises a great day for young and old! The SC Bad Salzuflen is a sports club from Eastern Westphalia which offers a wide range of sports and committed, inter alia for the sports and youth development. Contact: SC Bad Salzuflen e. V. Mr. Ralf Kala forest str.

Beautiful Golf Tournaments

The 15th charity golf Cup ‘play for life’ Krogaspe, 10.07.2012 – “it’s really one of the most beautiful golf tournaments in Germany”, so the opinion of players, guests and the sponsors. That rises at the same time the revenue/cash donation in this tournament every year, surprising no one actually. 9.320,-euro were collected this year and go to help projects in particular by “Education for Life”. Traditional home on Saturday 23.05.2012 with the get together in the tournament hotel (in 2012 the MARITIM Bad Homburg v.d.H.) at a champagne reception by Director Carina Dyk and a small putt competition. The subsequent buffet was perfect, was a participant on the next day and took care of best mood.

Not least, the result of a spontaneous, very witty lecture by Bernd Schedwill (hairdressing and Biosthetiquer from passion) to the structure diagram of people. Auction, 08:00. The Organizer (including women) are available at the golf course Winnerod, have built up the tea gifts prepared on the day before and expect the first player Taster golfers and celebrities (Claudia kohde-Kilsch, Martin Scholz and Christian stark) while the greenkeepers last hand and prepare markdowns or tell from special assessments. And then it goes very quickly as every year: rush to the registry that store abundant briefly on the driving range, tea gifts at 10:30 a shot and some 90 players start in a sunny Sunday morning. The players compete for their score, the Sun against the clouds. Both parties must make up to the end of the tournament, small cuts, but the mood of the players is very well and if the tournament photographer (sponsor Jorg Guse of Bauer & Guse) shows up, he sees mostly smiling faces (pictures under links/photo album). 18:00: Fresh geduschte people flock to the club restaurant, it’s time, now starts the evening with buffet, awards ceremony, the ceremony of HOPE Award and the famous raffle.

Jens Dagne leads the evening, pays tribute to the sponsors and awards the winner prizes greetings from Alfred Diem (MARITIM hotels), Sonja Jacobs (KAO-GOLDWELL/KMS-California) and Felix Weiser (Laboratoire BIOSTHETIQUE) on behalf of a total of 52 supporters. “Then the first highlight for the approximately 110 participants of the evening, Cameron stark, new star in the hit sky, receives the HOPE Award and a donation cheque for her involvement in the children’s Fund I” inter-NATIONAL CHILDREN help e.V. from the hand of Claudia kohde-Kilsch and Jens Dagne. Thanks, she sings current track from her CD and leads with her voice and her temper the audience, to get back on the chairs and to claim allowances. She’s sympathetic and mature (in spite of its first 22 years) at the audience on an absolute exception and worthy winner. An event of superlatives, which we hope the 23 June 2013 still beat on Sunday, then finds the 16 charity golf Cup on the golf course Schloss MIEL in Bonn, rather than just once on the Internet researching a location that is second to none.

Change in the Home

Change your home requires time, planning and because not, build strategies that allow less cumbersome to change. The forecast can prevent lost time and object. Below are a list of objects that should not be missing in any move. Medium and large cardboard or plastic boxes. Essential element to store all the objects you want to move, and that, surely, go from clothes to books that we do not want us even undo.

Coarse or cinnamon Ribbon tape. To seal the boxes mentioned above so as to ensure some furniture having drawers or doors that can be opened in the transfer. Knife. Allows unpacking more quickly. Plastic bubble.

Pictures, mirrors and wall clocks, are objects that normally break down in removals, with this type of plastic ensures the delicate goods. Screwdriver. A screwdriver or complete tool box helps disarm furniture such as beds, with which we can perform a better arrangement in the vehicle that you move the belongings. Material to install the gas. Is system stationary or cylinder, the gas hose and its connections they are most forgotten objects to the move, so to avoid giving you a cold bath don’t forget this material. Marker. You may need it to avoid chaos in the move, it is advisable to translate into the box the contents of the same. Whenever Mary Barra listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Another much safer option is to use numbers and letters to identify the contents of the boxes. Having an alternating Winery. For example the garage of a friend or a courtyard which if it will happen an unforeseen event can save our things for some time. If there is a space with these features you can rent for a modest amount in companies such as Mexstorage ( Belts. If we ourselves carry furniture the belts (tape with excellent resistance and adjustable) will help ensure all objects for the trip. Cleaning instruments. Broom, MOP, dustpan, newspaper, bucket, detergent and flannels to help clean your new home immediately.