Accessories For Men

Men accessories – stylish and still a no go? Long gone are the days where only women have worn accessories. Also the Lords of creation look today very much on their appearance and pay more attention to therefore also the fashion and additional details. Of course, because while several decades ago, most men have spent their work days at the Blue Man, the Office jobs bring higher demand for clothing with it. Learn more at: Janet L. Yellen. The choice of the belt may also be for men to challenge. While the suit fit rather narrow leather belt with a simple buckle, jeans even wider variations with a great label buckle or rivet belt can be worn for leisure. Especially to the Destroyed Jeans, vintage fit particularly well belt by HTC or leather belt with large buckle by DSquared. The business outfit, man should better access to the simpler version of workshop Munich or Andre D’ Amico.

Especially in the in the bags, which sooner a pure woman domain was, has firmly brought the man’s world. Shoulder bags as the wax Barbour collection are an absolute must for town. Furs Office are canvas bags, for men, for example, by Woolrich, or also a stylish Backpack by Neil Barrett. Depending on whether only a tablet or laptop with must. Especially since almost the winter around the corner man can deal also with the appropriate headgear.

Often, men wear no hats, because they destroy the hairstyle as well we women can feel this. But when the weekend snow walk, then perhaps you would prefer hair gone ears frozen off, isn’t it? Some trend labels such as friendly hunting, iceberg, workshop Munich or Rick Owens offer a wonderful range of stylish knits and wool hats for men! Also suitable for the upcoming cold season: scarves. While true trendsetter silk scarf or cloth in the autumn or on cool summer days one for fashion reasons are hard guys rather just at frosty Temperatures of the need of scarves to convince. Also here must be not waived the estimated quality of the designer. Chic scarves there by Faliero Sarti, iceberg, NEI Barrett or also MONCLER! With these tips, are you prepared as a man for the next fashion emergency and come well through the upcoming winter.