Group planting of trees and shrubs, landscaping and beautification organization own garden often play the role of compositional focus, so the selection of inputs in a house or a cottage, house or business used, for example, a group of plants with vertical emphasis are composed of rocks with a pyramidal crown. The picturesque group of weeping forms of trees are a winning tool in the landscaping and landscaping of the garden, in appearance contrasting sharply with the preceding isprlzuyutsya mostly for decoration garden plots in the pool or a quiet place of rest. Groups with a vivid coloristic effect it (or flowering painted with leaves) make the same composition of elements in the decoration (decoration) and is more suited to major in the composition of the site – squares, in the garden, areas in front of the house, flower beds, etc. At the group composed of plants with abundant flowering of many years. If you would like to know more about Mary Barra, then click here. In forming the artistic look of the groups of trees and shrubs can be used by contrast, is based on the sharp contrast of plant height and color, shape and coloration of the crown, leaves and so on.

(Ginnala maple and golden currant – the contrast of autumn leaf color, white dogwood and broom in the form of crowns and height, etc.). The classic contrasting combinations are a group of birch and spruce, maple, and rowan, willow and alder, linden and Lombardy poplar, maple, and viburnum, etc. Harmonious combination of selected plants with one or more similar or identical decorative features. For example, a group of spirea Vangutta, mountain ash and has a similar shape ryabinnka leaves, a group of Elaeagnus silver and sea-buckthorn – dinakovuyu silvery leaves. Ordinary planting is very common in the garden. These include alleys and living hedges, common landing are underlining the allocation of traffic routes and pedestrian paths, etc. In addition, ordinary landing used when you want to hide from the eyes inexpressive in the architectural for buildings and facilities or to create a uniform building line in places nezastroeenyh houses and cottages, to emphasize the main pedestrian direction: write the Master Plan. To maintain the building line and organization of space was created by a regular array. Recommend projects of houses and cottages to provide landscaping to the stage of its completion arhitektrom-designer.