Advertising Criteria

If you decide that the distribution of leaflets – this is a good way to advertise your product, give new impetus to your business and attract new customers, before you face the task of course choose the most appropriate advertising agency for the dissemination of leaflets. Perhaps check out Jonathan Segal FAIA for more information. Must take into account many factors that can affect the outcome of your promotion. Need to consider where you plan to distribute your content and territory, which you want to cover. If you plan to distribute leaflets in a small area, you will perfect small local advertising agency. This will be most effective, require less time and cost. May problems with control of costs, if something goes according to plan, so you should first calculate the financial costs.

If the draw for the distribution of leaflets small local company that will be easier keep everything under control. Most of the BTL shares are fairly extensive coverage with the distribution of several thousands or even millions of copies of the flyers. Then you need to go into a major advertising agency with a broad coverage area. If you're ready to start looking, but you have no recommendations, a good option might be to search the Internet. Picking up some suitable companies need to ring up and talk with employees, how quickly and professionally they respond to your questions? And of course a very important issue is the cost of BTL shares. He hired a large company you will immediately get access to the general public and reach more territory. And it is very important if you plan a major advertising campaign, and will bring great dividends. You also get access to an extensive network of distributors across the country who are professionally and quickly to hold your advertising campaign.

This will allow you to conduct parallel advertising campaign in several regions and make it thereby more effectively, to achieve greater results. Whatever kind of advertising campaign you choose, necessarily have to think about the percentage of coverage. Any company that promises you a 100 percent result, of course slukavit because, in reality it is virtually unattainable. Of great importance is the age and appearance promoters, distribute your flyers. If the look of the promoter does not match the product you are promoting, it can ruin any, even very well-prepared campaign. If the leaflets advertise furniture showroom, a private clinic or a trendy boutique, of course they have to spread neatly dressed and respectable promoters. Quite a different appearance may be promoters who distribute leaflets to night clubs or children's entertainment center. In addition, it is important to determine exactly where to distribute leaflets, near the metro, shopping center, hardware store, etc. Naturally it all depends on the target audience, you are targeting. If you advertise consumer goods, which may be of interest to all, the win-win situation – it's leafleting at subway or shopping mall. If flyers advertise goods for a narrow layer of consumers, such as interior luxury cars, antique boutique, then there must be a very serious approach to the choice of venue for the promotion, because if you distribute such leaflets in subway the efficiency can be zero. Source: – Advertising agency BTL Professional