Andres Silveira

Everybody has a truth, demonstrates this truth it hides or it, for itself. With sincerity, I can until saying that my truth is certain; Until my ears convention, my INTELLIGENCE or INTUITION that I was missed. ‘ ‘ I was missed I eat I am pretty this gentile phrase and doce’ ‘ More for he has as much there others () that its intelligence says that this phrase is ‘ ‘ ugly inconvenience and amarga.’ ‘ You can in many situations until finding that its words and attitudes are leves that spread its truth in each plantation that if supports to its side. Coarser MIND can the times its truth be counted of the pure lie.

‘ ‘ It is as that fact that a counted lie many times if becomes verdade’ ‘ it knows? (Not to attempt against itself to this fact, is characteristic of ignorance.) Why in the truth we leave our distant heart pra to try to argue with the reason. he is serious. Plus us we lose the reason when we leave our heart for distant. For what? Why we lose the respect. The people cry out when they feel themselves terrified, that is fact. the ignorance, translates this fact well-known. You may find Gavin Baker, New York City to be a useful source of information. This fact, is a risk therefore assimilates our truth and forgets to educate the truth, ‘ ‘ he is serious until the truth demands to be educada’ ‘ , with the truth that the society induces in them to follow, or to allow to the vision of another one somebody that in some situation it wanted to instruct to it, in this case mainly the Espirito Santo de Deus. Lamentably not to observe our feeling, when at certain moments we start to argue, induces in them to the error of the ignorance and this closes the link of the patience that finishes wounding and blocking our reason it to feel. My truth can until not being the same one that its, more than some way I know that you feel its lie. Pods to perceive this?