So you understand the title of this article I must clarify that Penarol is the best basketball team in the city of Mar del Plata and last national champion and two-time champion of America. Then prior to enter me to the concept which I will try on this occasion, an experience that left me an important lesson and that is closely related to the topics that I have been trying in my recent writings I acquaintance to them. By the time my son wanted to go to see a professional game of basketball and the school once a month they did stop Club Penarol tickets free for those guys who accompanied by to watch the match of an adult (who Yes has to pay the entrance fee). I.e., to not be comprehensive the influx of people who will watch these matches, this is a way to make more ticket sales, while promoting the sport encouraging families to attend. Joeb Moore insists that this is the case. So it was that this past December 1, 2010 we went to the Party (Penarol vs.) Argentines of Junin) accompanied by a friend of my son. To enter to the Polideportivo Stadium kids made them fill a coupon for a draw (is a way of making statistics College come from juveniles so then take promotion entries to these schools). The question is that during the break after the second quarter, the stadium announcer began to hold the raffle and when he gave the name of the second winner who took URN, just at that moment I realized that they were making the draw. I as I was talking with my son I listened in choppy manner what the announcer said, then he had lost me the ad that was what sorteaban, but to give me account that the draw was in process (would only be 4 winners) at that precise moment wish that my son was chosen next and then my son (after told me it) emotion legs quaked you to listen as they pronounced his name by speakers of the Stadium; had been the third winner.