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Greetings. I would like someone to tell me which is the approach taken to incorporate into this category to some guy who only had Jewish ancestry, because of older renounced their religion and were atheists for the rest of your life. In this case are the very same Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Eric Wolf, among which I could detect. In other words: Is it sufficient that a person had been Jewish for a while for catalogs such as’ Yavidaxiu’u. nuuyoo, 06:01 16 October 2007 (CEST)
Do not need reason. If you do not put them by religion, and Carl Marx should not be very religious, are something else. We must be careful, because political correctness is a huge filfa and so you can fall for something that collejas the contrary. In addition there is likely spatial sensibilities. Perhaps with reason, do not judge.
In any case prefer that there was no category for ethnicity. Category: Jews, Category: Black Category: Aryans, Category: etc. If I permitis the pun, is low class. Remember that “without distinction of race, creed, sexual condition …” Are we to assume that all Westerners from the Middle Ages were Christians’ Should we put them in Category: Christians’ And those who were not ‘Is Status: Apostates / excommunicated, Category: Pagans (some neo-pagan who might offend them put up with) … ‘ Why not Category: Hikers Warren Sanchez’ Who elects (discrimination) and which if not ‘
Now seriously, my humble opinion: are things that lend themselves to misinterpretation and should be beating about the eye. To make affirmative must take a pulse of a surgeon and a few enemies. Nor Veria appropriate categories for sexual condition (although there are those who strive to acknowledged homosexual to half the historic range) are things that should not lead opinion, nor answer, nor any relevance because they are personal and do not change the rights and wrongs of a person.
Should not be given prominence to what it does not (Category: Chat). Exceptions, such as a home Jew who persecuted for their ethnicity, or a homosexual to do something important for the release of their own, be an ethnicity, religion, sex, etc is not relevant. Darle relevance lead to discrimination, and we can not control that way (positive or negative) applied by the reader. It is a logical description (tall, dark eyes, with a strong English accent, etc.). But do not .– Manimor category. ((Bible Proverbs 28:18 prov.)). 08:38 16 October 2007 (CEST)
I think the same thing about the problem and the limited usefulness of these categories. But beware, suggesting that its deletion will be heard the cries of anti-Semitic. Jarka (talk) 12:02 16 October 2007 (CEST)
Jews should be referred to see if the religion, people, or both. Put in an article that I had Jewish ancestry “is not an excuse to put in that category, reference should be made before anything else. The user has already created a tree of categories. – Emijrp (talk) 12:40 16 October 2007 (CEST)
In my humble opinion, if used in referring to Jews as a people should work like the French, for example. It should be remembered that many people saw their life influenced by his Jewish ancestry, as Einstein and Bohr, for instance. With regard to Marx, was forced to renounce the Jewish religion in order to practice as a lawyer, so obviously it was something transcendent in their lives. Categorize that as a Jew or a more specific subcategoria is another matter. Mercedes (messages) 13:48 16 October 2007 (CEST)
Of course, being of relevance in what the article should appear. Even if it is not particularly relevant but is an mas. I refer to categorize, to classify the people in generaland certain aspects. Category: Jews converted to Catholicism, Category: Jewish Anarchists, ‘I find that it is clear that speech. Jarka is right, if noils yelled Antisemitic ! On the contrary, by leaving them yelled Antisemitic ! Especially in a culture where there were cleaning blood and loaded with a black legend. At that point I was terrified to see lists of Jews Jews and red ‘Return the “collusion …”! (not a cologne ad, is a language that is worse when someone starts menearlo).
Or put all the categories of ethnicity ( Racist! And really well), or all the persecuted minorities, including the red hair, and I mean it (added to sexist ! homophobic! Etc.). or do not put any of that style. Describe the objective characteristics, compared to never question, naturally, is to accept, integrate. Classify people according to certain criteria is to discriminate. GuestBook. Contact me. Advertising. You are here. Portadaandgt Chilean Peso converter … Amount of Chilean Pesos: Convert to this currency …
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