Choose Curtains

After buying an apartment almost immediately raises the unbearable desire to give it a lived-in look. Without a doubt, the main part of the interior is the furniture. But it is difficult to argue with the fact that the tastefully selected curtains give the interior home comfort and warmth. But how to choose the color and type of fabric shades? Later in the article will be given a few tips to help you with the choice of curtains. Just as deftly picked makeup smooths flaws and draws attention to the advantages of facial features, grammotno selected fabric and color of curtains can make a fresh look at the windows in the living room or nursery. But it is necessary to take into account all the details – size windows, style, interior room, its size. May seem unlikely, but using curtains you can change the size of the room visually. For example, blinds and curtains with transverse stripes enhance a room, and blinds and curtains with vertical contrast constrict it.

Under no circumstances is to choose blinds and curtains for the living room the color of the wallpaper. Specialists in interior design suggestions – curtains and blinds should be lighter or darker than the walls. The color of curtains in the first place should be combined with furniture. It is best to choose curtains for your living room without the picture. Negrammotno selected picture can ruin the interior of the entire room. If you've decided to decorate a room curtains with a pattern, it is best to turn to professionals design the interior.

They made a curtain for zakazza relatively low price. The design of curtains and curtain important not to overdo it. No need to zahlomlyat decor curtains excessive number of different bows and ryushechek. Take the old weapons 'grandfather' means – perekid and build tissue. The above recommendations are mainly related to the curtains for the living room. Curtains in the nursery should be chosen differently. First, check with child, as he wants to arrange her room. You should not impose his opinions and draw up all of vintage tones. You can arrange a baby this holiday by choosing the curtains in the nursery with a picture of his favorite superheroes or cartoons characters. The benefit of blinds on the market today to find products cartoon themes easily.