People are always attracted to anything unusual, mysterious, uncanny. Belief in miracles for centuries does not pass, and vice versa – is strengthened. Miracles can wait for us everywhere. Things and places have sometimes surprising properties, and a man with a flair and intuition, it always feels! Temples were built in the field of light, energy-positive, not without reason people are dragged into the church. Not for nothing so mysterious and wonderful stories from they are associated. There are places where you never stood no temples, but there is very strong energy.

Such areas are called "places of power, energy bands. Places of Power was interested in people for a long time. Some of them are blessed, healing, light, rich positive energy. But there are others – people called them killed or dark places, as they are saturated with oppressive power, which can cause harm to humans. Most cases of the mysterious healing people from various ailments, which could not handle modern medicine, are connected with holy places, which include monasteries, churches, Sources with holy water.

Healing power seats, for which there are churches and monasteries can be attributed to a special energy that is generated by nature and has a positive effect on the body rights. Prior to the adoption of Christianity in Russia pagan shamans in such places Force placed temples. After a stay in these places the man returns filled with new powers and became strong health. The priests claimed that the such places there is a connection all the energies of nature.