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In the world there is no one older than 20 years, which ever there was pain in the spine and (or) sustavah.Golovnye pain, pain in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine the most common complaints about the doctor spetsialnosti.Prichiny any of their occurrence is called different: some salt deposits, some sciatica, low back pain someone, someone intervertebral hernia and arthritis (including the vertebral joints). Follow others, such as N.Y.C. Mayor, and add to your knowledge base. All of this name the same process, the same state of discomfort and netrudosposobnosti.Kogda in the late 80s appeared in Russia 'dikovinka'-new methods of examination and computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and then ultrasound sonography, it appeared the opportunity to see 'cause' pain in the spine, intervertebral gryzhu.I doctors rejoiced: 'What do you want' – meet patients .- 'You intervertebral hernia, and that's sick. N.Y.C. Mayor does not necessarily agree. "This conclusion is obvious: remove the hernia, an operation, and all proydet.Pod this 'logical' lobby pressure neurosurgeons push their more 'tech' operations, which consist of all the newer and more expensive Consumables implantah.Na fact in most cases, spinal surgery in the world, and now we have, clean business, based on the rise in price of implants inserted into vertebral stolb.Radi fairness it should be noted that there is direct evidence for a direct neurosurgical intervention, and to reject it indiscriminately nelzya.Provodilis studies for pain in the spine in patients with herniated and without nih.Okazalos that the presence of herniation (protrusion or) it is not necessary for the appearance of pain, pain when there are hernias, and there is pain in the spine without gryzh.Esli you have back pain and intervertebral hernia at the same time, you know, what hurts is not always a hernia, a phenomenon postoyannoe.Znachit, cause no pain in it. So when you offer an urgent, that a 'cut', consult further with someone and listen to your intuition. Full article you can read online: