Should there be a human rights? Have you ever asked such a question? Let us, dear readers, a little play as a child, in question-answer? How to play: the questions you ask yourself! J & are responsible! Do you agree? Then begin! What does it mean for you to “live life to the fullest?” How many in your life with joy and pleasure? What do you want to change it? What you are willing to do for this? Your primary goal? Is this the goal that you need now at the really? What is the price you are willing to pay for its achievement? A list of questions you can continue on your own, as long as the questions were important and interesting to you, and answers the most honest. Life is so swift today, is not it? Even to answer important questions for yourself, you need to make time, and it sorely lacking! The existence in the city today is transformed, in a kind of religion that requires its adherents permanent sacrifices in the form of energy, time and emotional stress. Cheerful motto “try – catch” is our daily nightmare because of the impossibility of escaping time and catch up in time do all planned. Is our dream of a balanced and happy life so much like a fairy tale that we do not even try to translate it into reality? Why not try? Our invitation – for you, dear Readers! For those who want to change my life to reach new heights, it is better to know themselves and their capabilities, to feel the personal experience of the dynamic progress toward their goals. We invite you to become acquainted with the modern, and powerful technique for improving balance in life, with the strange name “COACHING”. This technique has incorporated all the most significant and advanced in many sciences of man and society, aims to create conditions in which people self-learning: Responding to put them the same questions, set priorities in life; To see the most effective ways to achieve their goals, live their lives with meaning, filling it joy. Coaching approach extends the boundaries of human capabilities, allowing you to see a new look to their own life circumstances, distinguish what is truly important and to move from awareness of their goals a clear, consistent choice of actions aimed at building up a life that brings joy and satisfaction. Interested? It’s exciting? We invite you to move from doubt to action! Road by walking! AND WE ARE WITH YOU ON THE WAY!.