Dell IdeStorm

An idea Bank works like a savings account: if required you can something be pay off, other remains as a deposit for later. Such an approach reduces also understand employee frustration when their ideas didn’t come on the series. The idea Bank is evaluated periodically. Appropriate ideas are associated with the various products, processes, or customer groups. Useful suggestions are developed, tested and implemented then as quickly as possible, to create new enthusiasm opportunities, to achieve customer loyalty and to stimulate positive word of mouth. Ideas using the social web of the easiest way to good ideas? Invite the fans on your social media presence to the ideas storming. Or put your ideas there for discussion. On the Web, proposals, ideas and concepts can be nowadays simply comment, enrich and evaluate and weight.

To do this, use survey tools such as PollDaddy or Twtpoll. And can stimulate on websites such as MySturbucksIdea, Dell IdeStorm and idea of Tchibo to own idea platforms. Another way: Ask your burning questions all over the world. It’s called open innovation then. On Web sites such as, or you can invite to the public brainstorming. Who uses such brainstorming portals, supplied with the collective intelligence of creative thinkers. Because the most valuable ideas are never in the sheltered inside, but on the fringes of an organization and in the wild outdoors. Seven-point check list for a successful idea management who in the systematic search for ideas and product or service innovations goes, this can organize in the following seven steps: 1 analysis: you shed light on the situation to tune or the problem to be solved, from different perspectives, but above all from the point of view of the customer.

Join customer and competitor observations and interviews Employees and third parties. Also somehow able to deliver meaningful contributions. 2. goal definition: where are you going, what is to be achieved at the end of the process? This must be clear, so that the generation of ideas Gets a direction.