Since the Secretariat of public education launched in 2009 the top in the open mode and distance education program, those students who could not begin to study the preparatory open have another alternative. The program offers an educational alternative based on the development of professional skills through the use of information technologies and communication. The titles offered are both technical Superior Universitario as the degree of Bachelor or engineering. But the available races are not the same as those offered in the high school classroom, but are the result of the saturation of some options analysis, the average monthly income by areas of knowledge, trends in the labour market at national and international level and emerging careers with higher demand. Thus, attempts to students who sign up to this modality have guaranteed a job screening to future.

The option Tecnico superior universitario has a duration of two years. His focus is practical and specific and their field of action combines the basic training of higher education with a practical experience for a proper performance management functions, operation; productive, commercial, fiscal, administrative and monitoring application. If the student meets the requirements you can scale your level to degree options. In these cases the duration of the courses is four years. His theoretical approach offers a basic preparation which could later lead to advanced research. Its scope includes basic and specific, training allowing you in future assume the functions of management, implementation, design, planning, troubleshooting and creating systematic solutions.