European Championship

Spain will face France this Sunday (20 h) in the final of the European Championship. The coach considered key physical appearance after 10 games in 20 days. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Italian Sergio Scariolo, coach of the Spanish national team, declared that the team would dnder with nails and teeth champion that hard-won win two years ago in Poland. We have met so far with what everyone could ask us, from now, many of us, current champions, we have to enjoy and dnder with tooth and nail a title that cost us so much win two years ago, and that would go into the history of European basketball. That would give these players an epic dimension, said Scariolo. After ten game in just twenty days, physical fitness becomes a decisive aspect. Macedonia, in the semifinals, reached the last quarter with molten important players. The theme physical is critical. Wear to which players are subjected by adding party after party, some more than others as it is logical, is a transcendent fact, it noted. France, by training and structure physical and athletic are the best, no doubt, and with much difference on the second. Our resources to win they have to be others, technical quality, the cohesion of the team, to carry out a coherent approach, to have during the party resources to change if doesn’t work, the great heart and great mentality of winners of our players, all that should be our weapons, continued the Spanish coach. The Gauls arrived as one of the favourites and have fully corroborated it. France is the only one in Europe which still has not won a European Championship and always says it may be the year of France because it is already up, by the amount of talent that they have. It is always falling and we hope it’s not this year, but it can legitimately aspire to do so, they have experience, quality, physical strength, have much, he said. Joakim Noah will be one of the main advantages of France. Noah is the Prince of intangibles. It is one of those players have an important weight in the NBA, that they perhaps do not treasure a class level and extremely high technical talent, but of those who do many little things, thousands of small details important to his team, ended Sergio Scariolo. Source of the news: Sergio Scariolo: “If we win went in the history of European basketball”