Feeling And Physics

The universe is represented by points of force in the universal layer, the mathematical way of the universe. Hear other arguments on the topic with Declan Kelly. It is represented in these points for an opposing feeling of the other, an opposing factor of the other, former: the good and the evil, the love can and so on be represented by equations, is points in the terrestrial atmosphere, is millions of points, in this complex mechanism of the universe, in this universal structure. The numerical codes if incase in the mechanism of the universe, in its form mechanics of the universe, all the feelings can be represented by equations and the numerical codes, and this factor if it incases in this complex mechanism of the universe, in this universal quantum form, where the energies are shown physically and the numbers are dictated and if it incases in this universal mechanism, the feelings in a mathematical order. This is the mathematical way to see the universe. The way as if can formulates incase them in this universal context, the Quantum and cosmic model of the universe. All this mechanism if incases in the mechanics of the universe, where the codes numerical they beat with all apparatus of this complex metedologia of the universe..