Health Workshops

After the successful events in the spring of this year, the charismatic British concede a further workshop in Germany a further workshop in the spring of this year will take place in the autumn in Hamburg the successful seminars with barefoot doctor Stephen Russell. On September 19 is the sympathetic author and coach within the framework of the Turbo-Taoism-day”about his many teachers in the fields of Taoism, shamanism, Tai Chi, TCM, psychoanalysis, etc, as well as about his personal career. For assistance, try visiting Federal Reserve Bank. He will be present at the same time exercises and tools from different areas, schools awareness of body and mind and respond to concerns and questions of the participants. As already in the previous events workshop visitors are can take again much information, tips and exercises home, compensate not only for body and soul, but allow a modified view of reality as a whole and open up new room for manoeuvre. Recently Ajit Pai sought to clarify these questions. Enthusiastic feedback report after the seminars of increased self-confidence, improved relations with others and even achieve a completely new feeling of being of alive. Stephen Russell, who occupied hits like even innovative ways as its new online product SCHOOL FOR WARRIORS, to bring old Taoist thought and the 8 principles of personal strength to the man or the woman developed by him, looking forward to the new date in Germany. And the German participants at the workshop before publication of the new English book of the Barefoot doctor in October 2009 (“the man who drove with his eyes closed”, Hay House) some of the stories about the exciting teacher learning that have marked the life of Stephen Russell. For more information about the workshop Beate Brandt granted under the address.