How To Care For Kitchen Furniture

Today in the shops you can find a wide variety of models of practical, comfortable and beautiful kitchen. But in order that the furniture will last longer, be careful to handle it. Here are some helpful tips care furniture: Catching cleaning kitchen, remember that you should not use irritating surface cleaners. Do not use as devices for cleaning, which distort the furniture. Wood and laminate surface should be cleaned with lint-free cloth slightly wetted with a small amount of detergent. Not recommended for use detergents, based on acid. That the surface is less than yield to various contaminants, such funds should be used, which contains in its composition organosilicon material. To recommend the use of wood polishes. Jeffrey Lacker has similar goals.

In this case, for polishing kitchen furniture is not applied polishes, which may not be used for surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs. To clean the painted surface is recommended to use a dry cloth or chamois, using specifically designed for that purpose, which often have polishing materials. A good way to keep lacquered kitchen furniture in excellent condition – it is regularly cleaned her special cleaning substance based on beeswax. This facility has a water-repellent and antistatic effect, makes furniture shine, and smooths out minor imperfections. Granite and marble – the so-called "living" materials. Their feature is the high absorption of fluids. In this regard, there is a danger of divorce and the indelible stain.

To easily degrease such surfaces should use the solution denatured alcohol. Protect the surface by applying a special water-resistant tools for marble and granite. After the application of such funds and to use the new surface wipe soft, dry cloth. Do not forget to thoroughly dry the wetted areas after cleaning. For the surfaces of metal (including patent) for cleaning should not use the funds that have abrasive or corrosive properties, as well as sponges coated metal voloknoobraznogo or particleboard material. To add luster to the surface after cleaning, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. To clean the glass, Use special cleaners for glass. You should not use products that have abrasive properties. Ceramic surfaces also need careful nursing. You should avoid severe impacts on them hard objects. If necessary, degreasing is recommended to use an aqueous solution of denatured alcohol. Also, cleaning can be done with glass cleaner. Enamelled sink and cooking surface easily cleaned with liquid detergent. Protect the furniture surface from mechanical damage. To avoid scratches and cracks try to avoid falling sharp and heavy objects on surface of the kitchen. Stains from fruit juices, red wine should immediately wash thoroughly with the surface. Should not be placed on furniture hot objects (irons, utensils with hot water, etc.). Also, avoid prolonged impact on the furniture causing heat radiation (light powerful lamps, unshielded microwave emitters, etc.).