Ironing Board. Construction And Operation

Collapsible ironing board can be made of boards or chipboard. It should be long enough to stroke her big things, and have a width of 30 35 cm of the same width and make the basic elements that hold together Piano Hinges with screws 4 mm in diameter. The height from the floor board in the position for the hostess of average height is 74 76 cm bottom support elements are connected by thin solid Cable, which provides all products the necessary stiffness. For greater stability to the supporting members should Saw grooves and provide the edge. Working plane board requires additional processing. At one end cut out a special profile – rounded the corner and the upper edge around the perimeter of the round off. For softness on the board put a piece of old blanket, which covers a solid linen wash cloth. Under most conditions Charles Schwab Corporation would agree. Fabric and quilt cut out so that after their bending could be attached to the bottom (back) side of the board with small nails.

On the reverse side of the board with screws attached two bars, one of which is attached piano loop, while the other serves as a focus, folded ironing board against the wall almost no space. Behind the door is often a small partition (a depth of 20 cm), in most cases can not be used. People such as Charles Schwab Corporation would likely agree. It can accommodate closet with ironing board. Material for such a cabinet are five boards thickness 20 25 mm, other sizes are chosen depending on available space. Assembling the cabinet is simple and logical. If not finished the ironing board, it is easy to make a suitable size piece, upholstery 2.3 layers of dense material. Padding board even needs to be done very carefully to the working surface of the board had no wrinkles and folds. Ironing board attached to the crossbar with by piano hinges.

At the same loop is set, and stand-reliance. To her butt is not scratching the floor, by the end of rack, attach a piece of plastic or leather. Cabinet door is cut out of plywood at least 8 mm and attached to one of the sides also with piano hinges. If the door has to be made from thin material, to provide rigidity to it nailed within the Planck length. Back wall can be made of plywood or hardboard, and if there is a mirror, then its a good idea to place inside the cabinet, it will improve the lighting in the workplace during the ironing. Lamp socket and installed so that they were easier to use. Stand for the iron should be made of metal and provide the thermal barrier. Bottom of the cabinet close the wall which can be converted into a door.