Ispolzovnie Stone

Ispolzovnie stone in the kitchen finishing stone is used exclusively for decorative purposes: to maintain a certain style, giving an additional extravagance, and if you have a small kitchen and a fireplace in it, then material it is frequently used decoration in the kitchen. Made of stone countertops, window sills, are used for decoration. Stone can embody an unusual design, combining a table for breakfast, a bar and work surface rack. Natural stone used since ancient times. Since the days of ancient sculpture to have survived a lot of products made of marble. The color scheme of marble is quite wide – although the most popular, of course, is white marble. However, marble stone ‘cold’, and it is appropriate to use in large kitchens, finishing expensive stone not fit into any decor. This material is heavily mixed with other materials – metals, textiles, and that is not very convenient for the kitchen, – not resistant to acids and mechanical friction, and durability of marble on the compression of 1.5-2 times higher than that of wood.

Also, it is undesirable to use marble for countertops, as under the influence moisture may discolor the stone. The presence of stone in the kitchen talking about her wealthy owner, since the presence of marble or granite markedly increases the price (due to the high cost of extraction and processing material), but these dishes look very noble, like a king. Artificial Stone appeared several decades ago and became a viable alternative to natural. The main advantage of this stone – Simplicity manufacturing and processing. In the artificial stone, as opposed to natural, no microcracks, and hence no possibility of moisture and bacteria in the stone structure. On the strength of the artificial is not inferior to the natural one, and on number of colors, even superior.