Jacquard Material

Folding mechanism is of three kinds: a book (nominated by half the seat and leans back), "clamshell" (a mechanism which decomposes into bed and under the seat) and pull-out. The most basic version – all the usual fold-out book. Properly done, "book" does not require additional space. The idea of "clamshell" appeared, when soft furnishings imported from abroad. It was a "guest" versions, which were not intended for everyday use, and now there are "enhanced folding" that can be used every day. They equipped with a spring or foam mattress.

If you opted for a folding sofa, learn from what made "sleeper" prop folding mechanism. Very good support is from the Latin (a spring-loaded plates of veneer is best if they are about 12), and should preferably be located across the armor of the bed. The most convenient is considered a "roll-out" option, called a "telescope". In these sofas from under the seat extends an additional plane, and the difference in height is compensated by the two levels of pillows. The only "minus" – over time can damage the floor cheap wheels, so it is best to choose the wheels of rubber.

Say what you … upholstery Given the fact that 40% to 60% of the cost falls on the sofa upholstery, this issue should be given special attention. Carefully read the name and characteristics of upholstery materials, and then no unscrupulous seller does not throw at you for a child's room the usual flock of crazy price. Thus, the main types of upholstery: Jacquard material with high-thread count per unit area. The most durable of woven fabrics, well-kept image. Chenille-ordinary textiles, the structure of which consists of fluffy yarn. Easy to clean and virtually no stretch. Since it is easy to remove any stains with methyl alcohol or vinegar. Velour is a soft velvety fabric with a split hair. Velour is the basis of polyethylene fiber. Easy to clean. The only negative – prone to abrasion. Cotton lightweight natural fabric, maybe many color options. The most eco-friendly material, but easily crumpled and worn out quickly. Flock-fuzzy fabric glue on the basis of the mild, this material can not be cleaned with solvent compositions can be dry washing. Material is highly electrified and attract dust. Mikrofayber-species flock fabric. It is an artificial suede, do not require special care. Arpatek-soft, delicate and noble material, feels like natural skin. Easy to clean, durable tear resistant to mechanical stress, long retains color. Thus, the upholstery fabric is synthetic, natural or mixed. Of course, linen and cotton fabrics the most environmentally friendly, but their life is much less. But natural fabrics retain their shape better. Experts advise to choose a cotton upholstery fabric for children's rooms, where the life of upholstered furniture is usually not over 5-7 years, and synthetic – for living, because it is more durable and low maintenance. For apartments where pets live, would be the best interior of nonwoven materials (flock, mikrofayber). Can be considered as an ideal Teflon-coated fabric: water, tea, coffee, simply drain off the sofa, upholstered such tissue, leaving no trace. But the price! .. Well, for the quality you pay. And, of course, pay attention to some details. Self-respecting plant stud back in the same upholstery fabric as the "front" and the same tissue between the bottom and pull a pillow. You can see how neatly sealed seams, how exactly is a series of clamps, sew upholstery. Of course, this little things, but they talk about how long you will last a sofa.