Kindergarten Cup

‘KiGa-Cup 2010 anticipate over 700 players in the kindergarten-age 2010 is the year of big tournaments: in South Africa the best Nations around the world, playing several hundred small football player and footballers of the KiGa-CUP while in Katzem, Huckelhoven, Duren, Wegberg – Beeck and Saeffelen 2010 “appear. “What tournament is the greater, is still an open question: during the World Cup total 736 players may be logged but the KiGa Cup” there are probably more. We expect over 700 children”, says Kent Conen, who organized the tournament. 20 teams from 15 kindergartens have registered already for the first day of the game. There are five game days between May 29 and July 4th (all dates see info box).

Is coordinated by the SSV Viktoria Katzem, while each organising sports club tournament, referee and cash team. Cake and drink sales each handled by one of the participating kindergartens. The Grand tournament is made possible only by the commitment of the bakery Busch, which provides among other things the colorful jerseys, contributes a special ball for this age group during the tournament supports the cake and beverage sales without even winning. We want to promote concretely youth football”, explains Norbert Busch, Managing Director of the cheerful bakery”. To do this, Baker also assume each sold Busch”10 cents on the youth departments of organizing sports clubs that can buy them new footballs. Among the goals of the tournament, to inspire the kindergarten children (including girls) for the sport of football and to make known with the sports associations of the region. This works but only via a high fun-factor”, says Kent Conen. That is why he emphasizes for example that every child may retain his Jersey and will receive a personalised certificate and a medal. Many are however quite: Pro team can up to 12 players (6 + 1) be used during the eight minutes of playing time on the small field.