Kira German Black

That is, people purchasing furniture and equipment is initially aware that it will cook in the kitchen first: culinary specialties or the usual fast food. The taste and color, as we know, no friends. So ridiculous to oppose each other different types of food, arguing that one type of useful than others, and another – first taste better. Very active in this sense, the kitchen operates steamer. There is no doubt that with the help of this device can and should prepare especially healthy food. But you can not at this kind of food imposed on all categories of the population, changing completely with this instrument and accessories attached to it the entire landscape of contemporary cuisine? People have already picked up the furniture with a special high drawers, so they make it easier to keep high the cup for steamers, but not flat pans. If so, and continue to follow the case, you'll soon be in the kitchen and not the appropriate place for the pans.

Can be completely goodbye to the oven, hob substituting a system of specific boxes for pots, which, incidentally, is often done in many kitchen models. Kitchens does not necessarily agree. Take, for example, kitchen Kira German factory SACHSEN KUCHEN. Combination black and white fronts with relief structure particularly emphasizes modern directness, its aesthetically organized functionality. In this model, it seems everything is left to chance. Built-in flush handles They give visual emphasis and make the perfect modern design. A special contrast between black and white – kitchen that radiates elegance.