Location instrumentalize some organizations for greater productivity and to the detriment of the balance of the social theorist when we do not feel the rejection from minute one to one interview in which he reports to have kids. As in our case the film section. Erin's self-image (what she thinks of herself). Erin has a healthy self-esteem, believes in teamwork, human relations, in a sense a genuine concern for justice is met, but without losing sight of the economic benefits that will bring you to fulfill their mission. It feels committed to the people and the organization is proactive in their work and adds value to it, not merely to comply with precise instructions.

The fundamental characteristic of life is emotional intelligence against the role of expert and enforces. Erim's role is not expert in that area of life, but is an expert in saving situations. I think the approach of the protagonist was from the feeling, from their own motivation trying to avoid injustice, in fact the real Erin is currently fighting against irregularities environmental type, and the complaint made against the company was only first, who succeeded in another state other intervention. Erin focuses on the human tragedy of those affected, collects information from the understanding, support and empathy, a strong belief in what he did, stubborn. This is your expertizaje, coexisting with injustice, to have faith in his convictions, self-confidence and thus on others. Its methodology is therefore qualitative and not quantitative. Erin's engine is a single, relatively independent of the task LAA organization, including its own aspirations and personal growth professionals looking for a prestige and an image that has not heretofore been achieved either in the family environment or social.

Erin uses both observation and personal and individual interviews. She assists clients affected and assisting them in the perception of the problem and the compression, involving them in elections and in resolving to make decisions for themselves. It helps set priorities for action at its head, questioning the solutions proposed by the undertaking concerned, making them think, locating resources that may be necessary. Applying the fight one of his strengths. Erin really has got to be a The Llanera solitariaa daughter develop a collaborative effort, with a role of influence. Met again that depends on the context we performed a role, or several at once. I think as women we expect the company to rectify the inequality and evidence to us that we have to double work to achieve this end. Psychologists Vertices a "Cabinet of Madrid: C / Caleruega, 88A Cabinet Las Rozas de Madrid Avda Lazarejo 106 Phone: 91 631 44 93-690 75 85 35 – Email: e All rights reserved Director of Psychologists Vertices Degree in Psychology Executive MBA MA in Bilingual Psychodrama in English and French Age 39 years of collegiate Nu M-22 453