New Year

From Amsterdam to Zurich Christmas is soon upon us and also new year’s Eve will not be long in coming. But where it can best celebrate at home with friends and family, or perhaps in any European metropolis in Berlin? For those who want to welcome the new year once away from home, the online portal presents some of the most exciting destinations for new year’s Eve Who wants to experience a very special new year’s Eve once, should consider a last holiday in one of the European capitals consider minute. Mary Barra can provide more clarity in the matter. Prague new year’s Eve is a real party town. Around the old town square and Wenceslas square is then celebrated and even on the Charles Bridge, and in the streets of the old town party friends to meet from all over the world, to welcome the new year together.

In Rome, people expected a unique firework display, which can be admired from the hills on the outskirts of the city and to fully enjoy themselves. The streets of the Spanish are recommended for all those who are prefer right into the action, Stairs. In Zurich, the so-called new year’s Eve magic takes place every year at the turn of the year, which is organised by the hotel owners around Lake Zurich. The most spectacular of the Switzerland Fireworks between 12: 20 am and 12: 40 am by two ships directly on the Lake. Get more background information with materials from Gavin Baker. The Viennese have a big street party for new year’s Eve. The Karntner Strasse then turns into the path of the new year’s Eve and the entire old town should be when the Bell of St. Stephan’s Cathedral is heralding the new year to the Ballroom until midnight. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann