Playing College Basketball

When one plays college basketball at tournament level, they are playing through the structure of the National collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  This is divided into three divisions (I, II, III).  In Division I basketball conferences there are 346 schools with each conference getting an automatic bid to the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship.

Division II Basketball Conferences is comprised of 22 conferences and Division III Men’s Basketball has a tournament each year held by the NCAA.  The men’s basketball championship has been held since 1996 at the Salem Civic Center, in Virginia, hosted by the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.  The tournament today is made up of a 61-team single-elimination tournament.

The NBA has traditionally been drafting college basketball players so it’s a good idea to get involved with the college basketball tournament if you are going to take it seriously and try and make a profession out of it.  It was a relationship set up to benefit both the NBA and colleges.  Once college games started becoming more commercialized, “student athletes” were having a harder time just being students so this was benefitting the very talented college basketball students