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Sheep’s head: One of the popular online games in the sheep’s head is a typical Bavarian card game. No wonder, because sheep’s head is actually mostly played in Bavaria. But sheep’s head is also one of the most popular online games as card games that exist. Many – in Bavaria – making, why do these online games or the games are called sheep’s head is. These interesting questions players have certainly already all time be sheep’s head. But whatever one among them, who could answer this question was certainly. But there is already intense research, to find out that there are ultimately several theories for this. However, some are of rather implausible and this also still very speculative.

But the two most common theories are that earlier in the Schafkopfen profits with chalk lines have been identified. And this chalk strokes looked like idiots. And inspired by this image of a sheep’s head was given just the card game just the name “Sheep’s head”. But another theory States that the card game formerly was played on caps or heads of drums. And a Schaffler was the manufacturer of these barrels. The products that were produced were creating.

Therefore it was called the card game Schaf(f)Kopf. However, mostly the former theory is called, if there is a question to find the explanation for the origin of the name of this game. Who is indeed interested in the online games in this regard, I must register on the portals. But he can also participate in sheep head tournaments. There are also abundant portals where such tournaments can be registered on the Internet. Online of course also the different game variations are explained.