Professor Norberto

In another classroom, youth write a journal, in every class they share what is written, it is an interesting process where, among the peers are evaluated, as an atypical case, there is respect in the comments. On the desks there are three things, a notebook, a pen and the book of the day, everyone seems to be interested in this class. The world spoke with Norberto about the process that advances with the students, I took 18 years in teaching and my concern has always been not read by read and not written by writing that students develop a sense to do that. There are students who really like to, but there are others that as much as one insist they do not, because you don’t like them, but that’s good, because there is heterogeneity. However, there are many students that has served them for studying careers related with letters and for which generally dare to go to College. Apparently, Professor Norberto is loved by school officials, who see a recognition of the effort that has been made in this nomination by the education in his 18 years as a teacher, is a great human being, is a person of many capabilities, great dedication and great knowledge; He is dedicated to this because he likes it, not because he had to and that is of the utmost importance, in addition he gives everything to the boys.

Norberto also is moving ahead, here in the institution, other projects, is someone very active within the College, says the Coordinator Academico de el Jose Restrepo and door. The publication of the book, eleventh students read and write with sense, it is one of the largest that has project that Norberto, later as Professor this idea arises from the need for school work will not remain that and who does not die in a classroom or in the trash container, but that transcends, works with students and improves product according to what he saw during the whole year, that much encourages the boys, because they arrive with a well-crafted product to their homes and is something that left them forever, says Norberto. In i. Jose Restrepo and door await Professor take the prize, because this would give the students realize that Yes you can achieve important things with this type of process and so take you love of education, besides that the teacher would win a library for the institution. Meanwhile books resting on desks and the class continues. Review what is the prize? The share Foundation created in 1998 the share award to the teacher with the aim of promoting a fairer social valuation of teaching, support and promote the professionalization of teachers, pay tribute to those outstanding educators, and exalt his merits and virtues.

Each teacher and teacher and his students, are an example that is well worth knowing and followed in all educational institutions of the country. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.