Recreation Area

Define the boundaries of these zones can be different interior decoration. This may be a different color of walls, the use of various techniques of lighting, proper selection of furniture and textile design. Reception area or dining area is usually accepted in the draw various shades and tones of red, yellow, orange. However, modern designers are free to use brown, black, blue, and others are not quite the traditional color for the living room decor. The main task of color solutions – creating a cozy atmosphere and enabling environment for the table, and successfully solve the warm pale shades of different colors. Bright natural lighting during daylight hours in the evening to replace a small, stylish chandelier or a lamp with a shade under old-fashioned way and create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort in this zone.

The furniture in this part of the room should meet the overall functional design direction. Table, better sliding or "table-book" chairs, sofa, armchairs possible, easy serving table – this is not a complete list of furniture that is appropriate in this zone. Recreation Area is very important for all family members. Opportunity to relax after a hard day's work, comfortable to sit on a soft couch or volume in a comfortable chair and watch the evening "News", an old movie or just read a book or a newspaper – is not the main purpose of living in your home? The main colors for decor of this zone is better to choose all the shades of blue, green, olive-green suit, aqua, peach, soft beige.