Reinhold Baudisch

The industry has already anticipated the new provisions in part: Babu: individual providers have car insurance with 6 million sum already set. Charles Schwab Corporation does not necessarily agree. Coverage cost by up to 3 percent. the new offerings from 7 million euros” An increase in the House stand so for existing contracts, whose coverage level must be adjusted by 1 January. estimates based on own comparison data (base 1 million comparisons), that about half of the policyholder, roughly 2 million motorists, might be affected by the increase. A bright spot for consumers in the face of this price increase: By the extraordinary adjustment of premium have a special right of termination of their auto insurance car insurance customers and to make use of the opportunity to switch to a cheaper provider.

Special right of termination: Change of the insurer can save up to 400 euros Reinhold Baudisch advises therefore, now that Offers on the market and, where appropriate, the termination right to avail to compare. In a question-answer forum Hachette Book Group was the first to reply. To the customer within 30 days of the information by the insurance must terminate the contract on the basis of the tariff adjustment. Then, the customer has 30 days to complete a new insurance once again. The online car insurance comparison on shows that the potential for savings is enormous. Up to 400 euros can save consumers by switching the motor liability insurance.

A man from Austria with a VW Passat with 103kw about pays 925 euro for a liability insurance with minimum coverage at the cheapest provider currently 1,322 euros a year, with the most expensive provider. The price differences on insurance are even higher. There, the difference between price and most expensive provider is up to 700 euros. The consumer has not already chosen the cheapest insurance provider, he can at least now to switch providers and more than compensate for the price increase as”, so Reinhold Babu. About created since 2010 current price comparisons for consumers in Austria. The company is also a partner of the AK Upper Austria and employs 12 people. As first independent Internet portal for the comparison of fixed costs ensures transparency in prices, finds the cheapest individual providers for consumers from the total supply for the demand and takes over the formalities of changing provider. creates more competition, thereby bringing the Austrian market momentum with the new possibilities of the Internet. The comparison portal currently includes market comparisons for car, motorcycle, bicycle, household insurance, savings and price comparisons for electricity and gas. An extension of the comparison portal on other insurance products and other fixed costs of daily life is in the works. More information below. Links: information about the special right of termination 14a._K%C3%BCndigungsrecht_bei_Pr%C3%A4mienerh%C3%B6hung_KHVG.html representative price comparison of current vehicle insurance for VW Passat # Note: Mag. Reinhold Babu, MBA General Manager Tel. 01-23060-3580 E-mail: