In my last post, Which you must know how on your clients to increase your sales, I enumerated a series of behaviors that, according to the statistic, develop the consumers and I gave the keys you for, using that information, to improve the quality of your service of attention to the client. Today I propose to you that you read a real case, an example of how, those small details that sometimes you ignore can cause that you lose clients. SITUATION Several weeks ago I bought in Internet a Christmas present for a relative. For more specific information, check out brokerage firm. I made the purchase a little takes the 22 of December so it did not hope to receive it at least until Kings. In Christmas everything works more slowly. As it went with haste, I did not put much persistence in selecting the store. Simply I chose the one that had better aspect (the concrete product had yes it previously chosen).

ERROR NUMBER 1 OF THE SALESMAN: Once made the transaction I realized into which nowhere shipment and downtime had informed me on the form into, only on expenses. For that reason I decided to send an email to the service of attention to the client of the salesman. Its answer was that once processed the order they would send an email to me with the number of pursuit of the company of urgent transport. And for any doubt it could answer that same direction of electronic mail. ERROR NUMBER 2: One week later, the unique thing that had received was an email in which literally, it only said: " Its order has been procesado". The information that had promised to me was not. I sent a new email to ask for it. For me it was important to know the details the delivery because it needed that somebody was that day in house to gather the package by m.ERROR NUMBER 3: During other three days I did not obtain any answer more.