School Development

The school has the responsibility and pyschopedagogists must act preventively before the alarming to number of children/adolescents with learning problems and to other problems. Psychopedagogical In scholarly institutions intervention increasingly took its place. This article was born of concern regarding the difficulty in harmonic development of skills and abilities of adolescents. It aims you make an approach on the importance of family-school relationship and the performance of psychopedagogists. Key words: family, school, difficulty of learning. Introduction In this article I consider a reflection on Family and School: a necessary relation for the harmonic development of the adolescent, with the objective to bring with clarity that is intransfervel task in such a way of the parents, as well as of the school, to inside transform the immature and inexperienced child into an adolescent or participativo, operating, conscientious young of its duties and obligation of a society. that is in the future a critical citizen, independent, enterprising and capable to interact in the way where it lives. Knowing that it is in the home the first school of the individual, we look for to explicit place its functions, responsibilities and its influence in future adolescent pupil/, knowing that he is in the home that the first lies of moral and he disciplines is introduced and therefore, this period is of great importance for the development of the human being.

In this acolhedor environment it must feel that he is loved, wanted and that nor everything that it wants to make is good and pleasant its growth and welfare. He is in the home that these and others as many lies must be inculcadas in the mind of the child so that when arrives in the phase of the adolescence this individual can feel security and support so that the development occurs of calm form. We present here the current paper of the school and the home, that together has that to play the function to educate and to develop the individual in its diverse facultieses, being disponibilizando chances make that to construct it the building of knowing. .