Shock Absorbers

With defective shock absorbers have the wheels to little road contact during cornering, warns with defective shock absorbers KYB shock absorber specialist the wheels lose their grip in the curve slightly, and it an accident can happen quickly, warns KYB shock absorber specialist. All of a sudden won’t get the car to skid and slip off the road. Motorists will be surprised and reacts not yet properly. Road tests of the TuV have shown that. Intact shock absorber safely the car against it through the curve, even if she is driven to quickly. Poor absorbers of the contact with the ground can demolish, so that the inside wheels are momentarily in the air, because worn out shock absorbers can no longer manage, to keep the wheel on the road. Then, there is high risk, to lose control of the car. The road has bumps in the surface or it has holes, this risk increases extremely, because the wheels with a bad shock absorbers still easier to lift off.

Now is also the ESP powerless. Also in other emergency situations, absorber can avoid any mischief with full power. While dodging transfer higher lateral forces and ensure that the car obeys the Steering commands. Shock absorbers should be regularly checked in the workshop, and it was also just by Visual inspection, experts advise again. Best of motorists at a necessary change can then build a gas pressure shock absorbers, because they offer the strongest grip”, expert Hans-Jurgen link from the world’s largest KYB shock absorber manufacturer recommends. Charles Schwab Corporation has much to offer in this field. Also, the car is considerably more comfortable. So the driver has a real, effective double benefit.