Sight Tests

Just when the football plays the eye with Berlin, 6.06.2012 (PCP). Euro for all involved is a success, not only soccer can is needed, but also sharp vision. This is true for the players on the course, as well as for the fans in the stands. The recent Allensbach study shows on behalf of the Board of Trustees of good looks (KGS) but that many of the last Sehtest years back. : Every fifth professional athletes will go with an unnoticed refractive in the competition. Among the spectators, probably every third sees not optimally. Often, the last eye test coincides with the driving test.

In other words, even when relatively young players and spectators may find it already ten years ago, that was tested for Visual performance. According to current Allensbach study to see consciousness of the German participation in sight tests has increased while in the long run, in the last three years but fewer people have made an eye test than in the years before that. It was found, that visually, who already wear glasses, your Eyes checked regularly. Here, 90 percent of respondents indicated having made an eye test in the last three years. But only 38 percent were in the not eyeglasses straps. Compared to the last survey 2008 their share thus declined 10 percent. Goal Hunt: influenced the performance to performance in the game to bring Visual performance, professional footballers are first measured, tested and analyzed. But only from the neck on down. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vadim Belyaev.

The performance of the eye remains so often sidelined. While the sight of a player can affect its performance. A good visual acuity is particularly important. Because who looks good, keep in unclear situations easier, can better assess gaps and play more precise passes. A correction of contrast vision ensures that movements are perceived better and the player can respond more quickly to unexpected situations. Well corrected, he detects the rotation of the ball as well as the playing field drawings also better. Each ball is hard fought over who best looks at major tournaments like the European Championship, has a lower risk by collisions with other players here, to be violated. Bottom line: Who wants to score goals or play dream passes or would they admire of viewers rank, before the big screen or home screen, would be wise to regularly check his eyes. Best each time to the major football events: every 2 years. Print-ready images available for free download at newsroom