Social Representations

Moreover, we will focus also the question of as Social Psychology and Communication interact in this context, and to analyze merchandising inserted in the Malhao novel, and the form with that the Theory of the Social Representations enters as support for accomplishment of these merchandisings. 2? The Importance of the Television the integration of texts, images and sounds in one exactly system modified the basic format of the character of the communication and placed the television as the predominant way of information and knowledge diffusion, beyond being an important source of formation of representations. Read additional details here: Jonathan Segal FAIA. ' ' After some years of its development, the television became the cultural epicenter of ours sociedades' ' (CASTELLS, 2007, p.418). Brazil is a country example when it is about the television as familiar nucleus, cultural politician and. The statisticians show that about 35 the 40 million Brazilians have at least a television device. It is the way with which we interact automatically constant and, and exerts a paper determinative in the formation and the attitudes of all the society.

Its environment is cultural reference and also serves, many times, of emotional and effective aid, in a society where the physical interaction is being forgotten, due to multiplication of ways of interaction online. The mind of the population is formed by what it is in the media, in the medias. Our reflection is based on the products that it vende. is each more common time the strategical formation of megagrupos and alliances, that have as consequence the affirmation each more intense time of a television strong commercial and directed toward marketing interests. All the programming televises is inserted in the moral of the capitalism, where what it orders they are the rules of the market.