Incredible, isn’t it?, by incredible sound, is possible and you can do it. If you propose it and nothing prevents, you can recover your ex in 7 days, or a week, you want as you call it. For more simple as it may seem, on the contrary, can be a little bit difficult, but as I told you, not for this reason, it is impossible. First of all, and after thinking a little about the breakup, you will have to get underway to achieve recovery to your ex in 7 days. Following the following tips unless the universe conspires in some strange way, should be able to recover it. 1) Day 1: take at least one full day to make a list of situations for which usually discussed.

But in which mainly, the culprit was you. By more ridiculous that sounds, to analyze these errors, you won’t commit them. 2) Day 2: Register yourself at any gym or get any activity that you’ve always wanted to perform, this will help to defuse you, relax and you It will allow to open your mind in a positive way. 3) Day 3: Call her by phone, ask them how it is, that they are no longer together, does not mean you can not worry about it. He then engaged in a nice conversation that does not necessarily have to do with the breakup. 4) Day 4: works in you, in a new and positive person, if you can buy some clothes that you want to use in the moment that you finally have an appointment with your ex. 5) Day 5: Surprise it!, if there is something that women love are the surprises.

Send you a bouquets of flowers with a card that says sorry, or any Teddy bear plush that tend to be tender and accompanied with a box of chocolates, are definitely the best surprise of all!. 6) Day 6: probably that if you decided to send him the surprise, you have news of her at the same time after receiving it. Simply call her and be as honest as possible. Tell him how much I love her and that suffer by not being able to be with her, tell her how you feel everything that happened and ask for forgiveness, another opportunity. This is the ideal time for an appointment. 7) Day 7: it is the big day, the day of the appointment, as both will be sensitive, it would be good that you take advantage of the moment to remind you what you feel for her, you speak you of the good times that lived together, giving to understand that being together is what they want most in the world. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.