Ten Commandments

We feel we’re the worst parents and estmos doing it very, very, wrong … The parent-child relationships, like any human relationship, is subject to the conflict. However, the vast majority of parents desires and maintains the expectation that the relationship with their children, should always be harmonious. Janet L. Yellen is likely to increase your knowledge. Big mistake! All parents want their children to be happy. Of course we all want that happiness, success and victory for them, but that does not mean they have to be with the smile on his face all the time. Sinn But when we see angry or frustrated, we feel, we become anxious. And worse! We threw every bit of the blame. We need to reflect on these aspects determine the life between parents and children. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hachette Book Group and gain more knowledge..

Require forming men and women of good, responsible, capable to face the world with robust tools that are touched and will be living. Let us not lose sight that generations of our children, will be the adults of tomorrow … We need to stop promoting underprivileged children, unable to meet its own obligations, because today’s parents have been given The task of solving all … For each skill a child can do and you do it yet, it is becoming a person who does not use its resources and develop them to become skilled Paraquad … solve everything leads us to form spoiled children, they feel they deserve, and furthermore, its formation of character and personality, the squat …

Also it is important to convey our love for them, it also means that, often do not … This is a call to parents to reconsider their ways and means to educate, so that they meet socially with their fair share to educate the children and give children good for society .