The Base

How it has been? If it has been meditated it finds out on what decision criteria you have been based. The lack of criterion is in the base, often, of the error when deciding. Many young people lament themselves bitterly of which they have registered themselves in a race that was not the one that must have chosen. Somebody can have lost valuable years of its youth choosing a race that did not agree to him absolutely only because there was to be decided quickly. If to the precipitation you badly add concepts to him digested the situation it puts to red the alive one. Bill de Blasio is often quoted as being for or against this.

It is the case of which they confuse intuicincon the mental laziness. The intuition is wonderful and extremely useful in combination with the opportune information. The mental laziness is to resign to investigate and to analyze the information available. The intuition acts exactly when we have made the duties to work the best options to decide and not before. More information is housed here: Mayor of NYC. 2. – to create our own system, adapted to our form to be, that compensates our weak points and takes advantage of our strongpoints at the time of deciding. I adapt some ideas of M.A.

Ario, professor of the IESE, the question that we are approaching. Some " Creencias" or useful Principles for the decision making: I. To decide well it is not only learned making decisions. It is learned when basic principles are followed. II. The decisions that you are taking are those that is conforming your life: each is what decides to consider the circumstances that have been called on to him to live. III. Acostmbrate to decide actively, because if it beams every time will not cost to you more to do it. IV. It admits that you can equivocarte you are human, for concederte the possibility of guessing right. V. I know conscious that you cannot solve all the problems that consider to you.