The Child

Filling shall not cause allergies. To do this, you can use, such as coconut or seaweed. Child's room should be in a pleasant color scheme, which will help both work and relax. Better to choose pastel colors: light green, blue, etc. – that improve conventional lighting the room and well with the warm color of natural wood. For other opinions and approaches, find out what U.S. Mint has to say. In the nursery, look great and vibrant colors, but they should be in moderation.

Necessary to ensure free access to natural light in the nursery. The room needs a bright luster on ceiling, and a night-light on the wall. In addition, the working area of the child shall be a desk lamp that sits on his left. Diffusers of all fixtures must be unbreakable. Gain insight and clarity with Philip Laffey. Footwear is advisable to keep a separate locker or drawer. Hanger for a coat as possible placed in the front, and towel – in the bathroom. Nailed hangers at the level of growth in children, so they can get a towel, a coat Materials for Children mebeliK materials in which it is manufactured furniture for children, increased demands in terms of their environmental cleanliness.

It is better that the furniture was made of wood (for example, pine – a cheap and nice stuff). However, wood not very practical, because in it are no dents, even from small mechanical effects. Of the various boards is better to choose high-quality mdf or particleboard with low formaldehyde emission. As a coating for children's furniture use materials that allow you to do wet cleaning. It may be high-laminate and pvc edge, which are also doing furniture more hygienic. Do not choose cabinets with glass or mirror doors, prefer open shelves closed. In addition, the depth of the cabinet must not exceed 50 cm, and height – as a small child to get himself the right thing to him. The most important thing in the interior of child – ensuring safety of living in her child. Any high bed shall be fitted with limiters or have the corresponding side. Metal parts (handles, corners, etc.) should be replaced with plastic to avoid injury. Remember that the children's room – a kind of adapted model huge adult world. Here the child with games, toys, books, furniture, grasps life forms to family, school and recreational activities.