The Gallows

Summary description of the activity: The collaborator carries through digitao, attendance to the telephone, act of receiving of pouches and secretary. Physical overload: Contact of the hand or fist or weaveeed with the alive corner of objects occurs or tools soft, leading to a compression in these regions that can future takes the pathology as tendinite, cervicobraquialgia and others. The worker puts into motion weight above of 300g in its routine of work causing an extreme overload in the regions of the column as cervical lumbar torcica and. Force with the hands: The gallows exerted for the hand during the activities is of a which had high degree to the fact of the digitao, of the manuscript to mouse, telephone, pouches; of the position of clamp made for the hands and the manual effort made more than 49% of the cycle or repeated more than 8 times per minute.

Position in the work: During the work routine static effort of the hand or antebrao occurs; static effort of the shoulder, arm or of the neck; extension or flexo, shunting line to ulnar or radial forced of the fist; How much to the arm abduo above of 45 degrees or rise occurs of the arms above of the level of the shoulders. All these efforts if must to the fact of the overload generated for the incorrect position, for the excess of repetitive work, the inadequate furniture and the small space of the work rank, disabling the flexibility of the worker. Rank of work and static effort: The activities are of high precision of movements and the height of the work rank is not regulable, taking pain, me the position, muscular shortenings and future the serious patologias. Repetitividade and organization of the work: It does not have caster of tasks, with alternation of muscular groupings, the time is short to become fullfilled the tasks and it does not have rest.