The Game Brannboll

A popular game from physical education burning ball is a ball game which promotes stamina and skill. This game is suitable for school classes. The game becomes something off, so older children and young people have much fun. Brannboll knows almost everyone still from his school days. And even today, burning ball is still a popular ball game in German schools.

It is for the players while demanding without being here but boring. It is used also in the warm-up program therefore. How does burning ball? Prior to the game, two teams are formed. The size of the teams should be identical and consist of at least five people to get a good flow of the game. Then, it staked a field which the children have to run around. Here the Director is free, this field should be.

In older children or larger groups it may be spread out over a whole Sports Hall. The field is marked at the corners with a little hat. Thus the routes current to are not too long, should be placed between the start and the first corner point an another hat. Also between the last corner point and the destination. To know more about this subject visit Federal Reserve Bank. Then a team stands fully behind the start Cap. The other team is distributed in the inner field of defined cones. A small box is inverted in the front part of the box sets and a master distiller determines. Only this can do the ball thrown by the opposing team, then in the box. The first player throws a ball as far as possible in the field now. Then he runs over to the box on the shell. It aims to arrive at the destination before the thrown ball “was burned by the opposing team in the box”. Of course the players must not to even cover the distance. He can run from Shell to shell and thus prevent that he retires early. Is the ball in the box “burnt” and the player still on the road, so he must return to the start. Then the next player folds. All Players who are still on the way to the target may now continue racing. The game leader is during the match at the finish and counts all players that pass through. For players that come with a stop at the goal there is a point, all players that pass through at once will receive three points. Each team must run five minutes and throw before replacement. The winner is the team that has the most points at the end. Older players can be selected as burn basket a basketball hoop and the reversed box way let. Dirk STAUDINGER