The Problem

Clearly, you can reward yourself with a high-calorie meal for a good performance. This should be done but not so often. Many also have the problem, that they eat about appetite, or as long as eat until the plate is empty. The problem is that the feeling of fullness occurs only 10 minutes after ingestion. Therefore: they eat only up to the time at which they decide whether they have any appetite. This is usually the time where they seem to be not properly fed up but have more big hungry.

Stop here to eat, even if something is on the plate. Because everything they eat too much, later transformed into fat. Throw away prefer the food, as is itself so zuzumullen. The latter includes the food. What should you ever eat? What is healthy? Basically, everyone knows what is healthy. Fruit and vegetables. Low-fat food. Little sugar and alcohol.

Opinions differ on the carbohydrates and proteins. The fact is: carbohydrates are, if they not be burned in the body, transformed into fats. Proteins, however, are excreted when not used. Stored in any way in the body. Here you can use its metabolism to lose weight. This works with the metabolic diet. Here is an example for a metabolic diet plan. By reducing the carbohydrate intake and increases protein growth. And here there is disagreement among scientists. Some say this kind of food intake, so many proteins and low carbs is unhealthy. Others deem it safe. I think this kind of food intake if you don’t overdo it, is harmless. And when combining sport and a slightly healthier and eiweissreichere/carbohydrate-poor diet together it is a good basis to take off slowly but steadily without great effort.