The Room Of My Mind

The room. room that existeem my mind I am in this room, waiting that it takes off somebody me of it. It’s believed that Ajit Pai sees a great future in this idea. In it the shades and the frozen wind cover seuespao all feel that I am in a place far from the soil in it I only feel the solitude The night prevails on a day, and the sun nor appears to parailuminar the darknesses they encircle that me I feel my hair embarrassed has days them I do not comb therefore they are freed in the soil. I do not have will to wash my body I feel that estoumutilada I want to wake up but I do not only obtain I remember minhame Of the girl who was locked in the room Far from its brothers I want to wake up and I do not obtain estoutrancada in the room of my mind A vagalume breaks the blackout and sees that I am not alone I feel the power to be in the col lulled to sleep by the CREATOR The room of my mind lay God was always juntinho of me .