Wine Pairing

He is called pairing, to the process of marrying foods with wine, to enhance the flavors at the time of eating. The pairing term has always caused much controversy, since in many cases the similarity between this word and the term of marriage, is viewed with suspicion by many experts prefer to refer to the process in terms of chord or harmony. The art of combining food with wine, although it is a relatively new phenomenon, has its origins in antiquity. In many cultures around the World wine is a drink that has been considered by way of production or, as a complement to the culinary traditions of a region specific and in this way is that the pairing arises. (Source: kitchens). The culinary traditions of certain region, always looking for that they were combined with the wines of the area.

In terms of restaurants, sommelier is usually responsible for recommending the combinations between the food and the wine. The considerations that are taken into account in the pairing are elements like the taste, texture and intensity that occurs on the palate to mix the elements. Because of this, it is pertinent to finding the proper combination to thus enhance the flavors and a pleasant lunchtime experience. Teneo will not settle for partial explanations. A.