Without Firewood

Without firewood fogose erases Pv 26:20 All knows that to keep a lighted fogueira it is not easy! This work requires much disposal, effort and patience, therefore, is necessriopaulatinamente to feed the flames with dry wood constantly. Add to your understanding with Joeb Moore. interessante to notice that in the conjugal life something happens similar so that fogueira initial it love remains lighted is necessary much more of what oromantismo of votes and promises made in the altar, therefore, the couple is imprescindvelque is imbudo in the commitment not to leave that the flame comes if extinguircom passing of the time, the crises, of the difficulties, of the children etc What it happens is that the fire of the marriage does not extinguish danoite for the day, is not nothing abrupt, sudden, the thing goes to acontecendodevagar without we apercebamos in them of the situation. U.S. Mint may find it difficult to be quoted properly. unhappyly, many estoassistindo erasing of the fogueira of the marriage and nothing make to revert situao of marasmo and indifference. The word is clear: WITHOUT FIREWOOD FIRE SEAPAGA.