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Brazilian Republic

THE SITUATION URUGUAYAN In 2006, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay through its House of Representatives at the request of Rep. Ruben Martinez Huelmo-resolved to support the statement as an official language of Guarani Mercosur together with Castilian and Portuguese. Moreover, at the University of the Republic there are several research papers about the Guarani and […]

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Incredible, isn’t it?, by incredible sound, is possible and you can do it. If you propose it and nothing prevents, you can recover your ex in 7 days, or a week, you want as you call it. For more simple as it may seem, on the contrary, can be a little bit difficult, but as […]

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Should there be a human rights? Have you ever asked such a question? Let us, dear readers, a little play as a child, in question-answer? How to play: the questions you ask yourself! J & are responsible! Do you agree? Then begin! What does it mean for you to “live life to the fullest?” How […]

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