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Good tread can save lives – especially in sticky situations. Phew! It was close and could have gone bad in the eye! Who has not seen such a situation as a car driver. Braked just in time time, otherwise it would have gerumst. As long as only sheet metal damage threat… Otherwise, however, the situation […]

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African Countries

The world-wide negotiations to extend the Protocol of Quioto suffer an impasse. In accordance with Leaf, the African countries had paralyzed the main session of negotiations if retirarando in protest, alleging that the rich countries wanted to kill the agreement. The protocol compels about 40 rich nations limiting the carbon emissions. Been published that the […]

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Truth Will Be That There Is Something More That Matter

The thinking of many people is marked only by material structures. Many are of the opinion that everything is related only with matter and everything can be applied as well to the same. For them the matter is the reality, because they accept only what they can see, hear, smell, like, touch and grasp with […]

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